miércoles, febrero 22, 2006

Portable Office

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jueves, febrero 16, 2006

Forget Outlook.

Last weekend I decided to downgrade from my POP3 email to the bare web based gmail account. It's part of my plan to outsource every soft I use to whatever the net offers me (for free, that is) In the long run all I'll need is a web browser...

The problem I thought I would have is uploading to GMail the thousands mails I've got in several Outlook .PST files. Lukily, I was not alone. While it's not straight forward ain't rocket science too. Thanks to Mark Lyon for his GML little gem.

The process went like this:

1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird (you can uninstall it after importing the messages.) Thunderbird will detect your Outlook so let him do the import. As it will take some time, meanwhile you can

2. Download and install GMail Loader (GML from now on)

3. When done (both 1 and 2) open Thunderbird, right click on "Local Folders" (or whatever is called in your language) and select "Properties" menu. From the new displayed window copy (or select, or remember 'cause you'll need it later) the local directory path for messages storage. It's something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\hernan\Program Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\7zl9itc7.default\Mail\Local Folders

4. Open your browser at your GMail Inbox and open Outlook too (it may be your last time you do it.) Clear your GMail Inbox by archiving every email you have still there, so it will be easy to distinguish the imported messages from your everyday ones. I highly recommend to tag your imported messages from the normal ones with, say, a common IMPORTED label so you can review them later. Besides you can tag the imported messages from each Outlook folder with a content related label.

5. Run GML.

This will take several minutes to complete. Be patient.
  • Mark "Requires Authentication"
  • Fill Username and Password with your GMail account (no domain)
  • Click "Find" and point the explorer to the path of point 3.
  • Pick one file with *No Extension" at a time. Each file corresponds with one Outlook folder.
  • In "File Type" pick "Less Strict" (the default may or may not work for you, it didn't for me)
  • "Message Type", I leave it as is.
  • Enter your GMail address.
  • Click the button "Send to GMail".
  • Watch your GMail Inbox while it works.

6. Repeat 4 and 5 for each of the files under 3. There may be other folders down there so procede with caution.

7. Enjoy GMail.

8. When your comfortable enough drop Thunderbird, GML, Outlook and those .PST files that you left around.